You've just been given the job as Director of Calgary Transit!  Now's your chance to start creating the transit system of your dreams!

You have a $10 million operating budget (to actually run the system) and a $50 million capital budget (to build stations, buy buses/trains, etc.).  Go through the list below and pick what you want to add in the next year.  Work within your budget – or dare to go over – and see what the new fares will be!  When you are ready, submit your choices so that we (your employees) know what you've decided.

Operating Budget: $0
Capital Budget: $0
Want to know more about the difference between operating and capital money?
Operating Cost
Capital Cost


Communicating disruptions, construction and other delays $0 Million

Real-time arrival signs for buses $3.375 Million

Schedules at bus stops $0.23 Million

WIFI $1.5 Million

CTrain Reliability - Fewer Delays

CTrain repairs and upgrades $47.3 Million

Bus Reliability - Fewer Delays

Standby buses $3.2 Million

Schedule adjustments $0 Million

Another garage $10 Million

Buildings and Other Improvements

Air conditioning on buses $7.75 Million

$0 $0

$0 $0

$0 $0

$0 $0

Bike racks on buses $3.5 Million

Cleanliness $0 Million

Amount of Service (Including Hours)

Suburban buses $11 Million

Inner-city buses $9.8 Million

Late night service $0 Million

Reduced crowding $6 Million

Cross-town service $5 Million


Free fare zone extension $0 Million

Free fares for seniors $0 Million

$0 $0

Safety and Security

$0 $0

Officers at night $0 Million


Accessible buses $30 Million

Scheduled service for people with disabilities and the elderly $0.9 Million

$0 $0

Submit Your Selections to Us!

Your choices will be collected anonymously to help us understand customer preferences.

The personal information on this form is collected under the authority of Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This information will be used to group responses to assist with analyzing and interpreting the data submitted. If you require further information on privacy and this survey, please contact the Calgary Transit Customer Service Centre at 403-262-1000.


Do you think there is a better approach or that something is missing from the list?   Tell us about it below. 

The items in this tool are based on the input we've received through the RouteAhead engagement and other customer feedback. They are what people say they want from Calgary Transit. It's simplified and the format is not suited to encompass all factors. If you see a better way of doing something or you think something is missing, please join in the discussion below!

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